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AIRSCUD™ FLEX is a concentration of innovation, functionality, and design, born from the perfect integration of TUCANO URBANO's experience together with the airbag system developed by In&motion, the world leader in artificial intelligence-powered airbag systems.



Over the jacket

You can wear it over any outfit, benefiting from maximum ventilation provided by the mesh on the chest and back, as well as maximum safety ensured by the anti-abrasion construction.

Under the jacket

To ensure the best possible protection, you can also wear it under any motorcycle jacket, as long as it doesn't have a back protector. No problem with sizing: if you wear an L, get an L.

  • The design that makes the difference

    The choice of materials, attention to every detail, and fitting study make it a comfortable and cool, sober, and elegant garment.

  • High tenacity mesh on the chest and back

    To ensure lightness and ventilation.

  • Elasticized hips and shoulders

    To ensure a perfect fit in any configuration.

  • 3D mesh lining on the chest

    For better ventilation.

  • 2 front zip pockets and 1 internal button pocket

    To have everything at hand.


Faster than the blink of an eye

In less than 60 milliseconds, AIRSCUD™ FLEX detects the risk and inflates the airbag before impact.

Faster than danger

To detect potential falls, the algorithm measures and analyzes user parameters 1,000 times per second, thanks to 7 sensors: 1 triaxial accelerometer, 1 triaxial gyroscope, and 1 GPS.

Protects you more

Compared to any other CE-certified motorcycle jacket with protectors, it protects all vital areas: chest, abdomen, neck, and back.

Calls for help

In case of an accident, the integrated Liberty Rider service geolocates you and automatically calls for help directly from the My In&box app.

Check here the availability of the service in the country of your interest.

Certified Motorcycle Safety

AIRSCUD™ FLEX is CE-certified as a Class C Oversuit, ensuring the best abrasion protection. The integrated back protector provides an additional level of safety by dissipating impact energy.

Quick and autonomous cartridge replacement

After inflating the airbag, you can perform safety checks and change the cartridge (AIRSCUD™ INFLATOR) autonomously in just 5 minutes.

Like a helmet, it's essential

Most two-wheeler accidents occur in urban and extra-urban areas at speeds often below 50 km/h. And this is where AIRSCUD™ FLEX can make a difference. It ensures inflation before impact.

In&box activation

To start using AIRSCUD™ FLEX, follow this simple procedure:
1. Download the My In&box app;
2. Create your user account;
3, Choose the subscription plan that suits you best and associate the In&box with your account.

To automatically receive all updates, simply connect the In&box to your smartphone or home Wi-Fi.The In&box has a 30-hour operating autonomy, with automatic standby mode.

Driving modes

    • You can choose the algorithm based on your usage:
    • - Street Mode, if you use two wheels every day;
    • - Adventure Mode, if you love off-road adventures;
    • - Track Mode, if you enjoy riding on track

4 Benefits €12 per month

    • - Constant software updates
    • - 24/7 automatic emergency call
    • - Unlimited warranty on the In&box
    • - Suspendable monthly subscription

"AIRSCUD™ FLEX is my lifesaver, now I absolutely can't do without it, even when using the scooter in the city. It gives me superior safety compared to any other technical clothing, plus it's lightweight and stylish."

Marco Melandri

Airbag vest with integrated In&motion technology

475 + 12€ /month

+ 12€ /month
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I accept the Site's Privacy Policy, and to receive promotional e-mails from the Site in line with my purchase preferences and interests.